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Feb 09th

Distribution System

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Cement is distributed in Indonesia generally through a network of main distributors. Generally, outlets and distributors do not maintain large stocks of cement, as the product is not suitable for long-term storage, and instead rely on shipments from producers to meet current demand.

We implemented a computerized on-line cement delivery monitoring and tracking system for all of our cement plants. This system enables us to track the status and loading pace of the distribution network. In addition, we have appointed PT Mallomo Transporindo to distribute bagged cement domestically through MT's network. MT's online ordering system allows monitoring of balances of master order contracts, outstanding receivables and access to other information. Currently, Semen Bosowa owns 99.9% of MT.

We distributes all of our bulk cement directly to the distributors or for shipment by sea by using our fleet of bulk tank trucks. We operates a centralized distribution facilities in Banyuwangi, Samarinda and Kendari. These facilities have bulk storage, packing, loading and distribution facilities, allowing us to distribute cement more efficiently.

Our distribution facilities allow transporting by sea to other islands in Indonesia and to international markets. In addition to having port facility in Garongkong, which facilitates exports of cement to the international markets.

Global networking is aimed at improving the overall export sales performance. Since then, the company was able to sell to many countries/destinations, such as Bangladesh, Hongkong, Singapore, Vietnam, Cameroon, Nigeria, Australia and others.

Some strategic moves in the export sector are also aimed at supporting the company's objective in improving the production utilization rate considering the current domestic."


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